Experience solidarity and leisure tourism within the Bamileke and Bamoun countries of West Cameroon

09 days and 08 nights of discoveries, pleasures and conviviality with the Bamileke and Bamoun peoples of the Western Highlands of Cameroon

Danse traditionnelle Bamileke

This tour will take you to the “Cultural Capital of Cameroon” the West Region, firstly to discover the Petpenoun resort, a recreational and ecotourism centre located between the cities of Foumban and Foumbot, near the Mount Mbapit. Here, you will have the opportunity to practice nautical sports and many other activities offered by this leisure resort. Hiking on Mount Mbapit (altitude 1900m) and discovery of its mythical crater lake. You will try for yourself to throw stones into the waters of this Crater Lake because the legend says that it is impossible to throw stones into the Crater Lake and the stones hit the waters of the lake. The lake has a mystical power to reject all objects thrown into it as its waters will remain undisturbed. We will also meet the Bororo people living along the slope of this mountain. These are nomadic people who live by transhumance, the seasonal movements up and down the mountain with their flocks in search of green pastures. 

Then we will discover the Bamileke countries, where you will appreciate some ecotourism potential such as sacred lakes, forests, waterfalls, caves and sacred places as well as different cultures and powerful old traditional chiefdoms and their organizations. You will also assist in making some art objects that you could probably be able to buy and take away as souvenirs. The last leg of our tour will take us to the Littoral Region where we will visit the Ekom Nkam Waterfalls having a height of 80 metres and found in the heart of a dense and luxurious vegetation. It is located in the coastal area a few kilometres from Nkongsamba, these beautiful and majestic waterfalls is an undulation of the Nkam River. It is famous to the international world for being the scene for the shooting of several films such as the “Greystoke”, “The Legendary Tarzan”, “The Lord of the Apes” and many others. 
We will then leave to discover the Manengouba Mountains in Banguem not far from Nkongsamba. The Manengouba Mountains offer interesting trails and hiking opportunities. Once at the summit (altitude 2.411 m), you will be captivated by the beauty of the wonderful male and female lakes. The female lake with blue waters, presenting itself in the form of a roughly drawn Africa map, while the male lake with green coloured waters is embedded between two hills. Not far from the Manengouba Mountains live other Bororo people that we can also visit.


La nouvelle liberte à douala

Day 1: Douala International Airport - Douala - Akwa (18 km)

The arrival of visitors by flight to the Douala international airport, welcome by our competent and professional tour manager, transfer to the hotel in Akwa, dinner and overnight.


Le palais de Foumban

Days 2 & 3: Douala - Foumban (380 km)

Breakfast and departure for the western highlands of Cameroon. Short break at Melong for the savouring of beef barbecues with roasted plantain. Continuation of the trip to the Petpenoun resort. Stopover at Dschang for lunch, and contemplation of some attractions of this wonderful city. Arrival in Foumban, more precisely in the area of Petpenoun, reception and installation into hotel, dinner and free night. Early morning breakfast and a guided tour to discover the attractions

 and activities offered by the resort and the surrounding areas. Golf, swimming, playing tennis and badminton, windsurfing and canoeing/kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, cycling, trekking and many more. Lunch, relaxation, stroll, dinner and overnight.

Mont Mbapit lac mbapit

Day 3: Early morning breakfast and guided tour to appreciate the peripheries and landscapes of the Noun Division, which is the largest Division of the West Region of Cameroon in terms of surface area. Hiking on Mount Mbapit (altitude 1900m) and discovery of its mythical crater lake. You will try for yourself to know if it is really impossible to throw stones in this Crater Lake because legends say that the stones thrown there never touch the water. Visit of the Bororo people living in the region. The Bororo are nomadic peoples who make seasonal movements in search of pastures for their flocks. In the afternoon we will meet the Bamoun people.

People with a remarkable culture out of the ordinary. Lunch with local flavours and visit of the sumptuous palace of King Njoya with its royal historical museum. Return to the Petpenoun resort, relax and departure for Batoufam. 

Bamileke Countries

Traditions bamileke

Days 4 & 5: Foumban - Batoufam - Bamendjinda - Dschang (260 km)

Arrival in the evening in Batoufam, dinner, and overnight. Early the next morning after breakfast, departure for the discovery of the cultural treasure of the Bamileke people through the visit of the chiefdoms and museums of Batoufam and Bamendjinda. Lunch and guided tour to the Metche waterfall. Continuation to Dschang, check-in at the hotel, dinner, and overnight. 

Ekom Nkam waterfalls

Les chutes-d'Ekom-Nkam

Days 6 & 7: Dschang - Melong (117 km)

Breakfast and visit of the large tea plantations of Djuttisa with tasting. Return to Dschang and lunch. Visit of a handicrafts production unit and shopping at the Dschang market. Back to the hotel, dinner, and overnight. Breakfast, visit the city attractions and the continuation of the trip to Melong. Arrival in Melong, visit the majestic Ekom-Nkam Falls. These beautiful and majestic waterfalls in the heart of a dense and lush vegetation resulted from the Nkam River and are 80 meters in height. It is renowned internationally for being the scene for several shooting of some 

films such as “Greystoke”, “The Legendary of Tarzan”, the “Lord of the Apes” and many others. Return to Melong, dinner and free night. 

Manengouba Mountains 

Les monts manengouba

Day 8: Melong - Mount -  Manengouba - Douala (166 km)

Breakfast and departure for Nkongsamba. Once in Nkongsamba, trekking on the Manengouba Mountains. Located by the city of Nkongsamba, the Manengouba Mountains, offer very interesting hiking opportunities. Once on the top (alt. 2.411 m), you will be captivated by the Male and Female Lakes. The Female Lake with blue waters is in the shape of an upside-down map of the African Continent and the Male Lake with green waters lies between two walls of stone. Continuation of the trip to Douala. Arrival in Douala, check-in at a hotel, dinner, and overnight.


Palais-de-justice de Douala

Day 9: Douala - Douala International Airport (18 km)

Breakfast and City Tour: Bonanjo, Palace of the Kings Bell, Court House, Maritime Museum, Akwa, kings Akwa Palace, Central Market and many other attractions. Lunch of Buffet, return to the hotel, send-off dinner, debriefing, departure for Douala International Airport and end of the tour.

Price: 1 354 € / pers. (4 pax)
Price: 2 027 € / pers. (2 pax)

Included / Excluded

This tour includes:

► Reception and escort by a professional, bilingual and certified national tourist guide.

► Transport in a four-wheel drive air-conditioned vehicle from reception all through the circuit.

►Accommodation in air-conditioned rooms and outdoor camping

►Full board meals

►Entrance fees to the attractions.

►Toll fees.

►Guided tours of all the sites and attractions indicated in the program.

► Professional driver.

This tour does not include:

► International flight fees (Roundtrip)

► Costs related to travel formalities such as visa and immigration charges

► Costs related to travel insurance

►Additional expenses of the tourist such as the purchase of souvenirs

► Alcoholic drinks such as liqueurs, wines, and whiskeys

► Tips and gifts (freewill gestures)

Please specify : 

► The exact dates of visit (date of arrival and date of return)

► Flights and airports of arrival (Douala or Yaoundé-Nsimalen)

► Group or tourist’s interests to permit tailored modifications of the tour

► Names and information of visitors for bookings

► Food exigencies; diabetes, vegetarian etc

NB: This program can be modified by demand to suit the expectations of the tourist(s)

Map of the region