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Safari in Cameroon

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For many Europeans and Americans, the cold season is the opportunity to look for warmer destinations. want to escape for all the cold weather and to relax for a few weeks in the beautiful nature is a trip to Cameroon just right.

Because there prevails throughout the year the sun, summer and good humor also Cameroon offers a unique cultural and natural diversity.

Africa in miniature – as Cameroon is thanks to this variety also called and so offers attractions of an entire continent in a country. The diversity of its landscapes, its wildlife and its cultures makes it unique. Cameroon is divided into two major climate regions, the equatorial region and the tropical region. Down south, tropical rainforests and beautiful sandy beaches; the north has deserts, lakes, savannah and a remarkable landscape. Volcanic mountains are much more to be found in the southwest and northwest of the country. To each of these unique regions and landscapes include a unique flora and fauna. Therefore both adventurous safari visitors and inquisitive bird watchers and nature lovers silent in the numerous national parks find their unforgettable experience.

Those looking for an unforgettable experience not only, but also heavenly relaxation will find in the golden beaches of Kribi and Limbe an exceptional destination.

Besides nature and wildlife can admire Cameroon cultural highlights. Numerous historic buildings and monuments erinnnern to the past colonial era. The Foumban Museum shows with more than three thousand works of art and historical pieces, the history of one of the oldest kingdoms in sub-Saharan Africa.