Bamenda Attractions and its surrounding areas

Bamenda au Cameroun

Located in the Northwest region of Cameroon, at (alt. 1550 m) above the sea level, the Northwest region is dominated by high plateaus, plains and mountain ranges. The terrain is covered with grassy vegetation and plains are surrounded by beautiful mountains. The deep valleys are home to rivers, waterfalls and crater lakes. This wonderful landscape offers a captivating spectacle. Outside the rainy season (from July to October), the region offers a favorable climate all year round for a visit with temperatures around 22 ° C. Bamenda is the capital of the Northwest region and it is both, a modern and a traditional city. Bamenda has become an important shopping center of the country. The Ring Road, a 350 km long road, crosses six of the seven departments of the region, this allows visitors to admire the regional diversity. One can admire traditional chiefdoms, magnificent landscapes, wildlife reserves and many other sites.


Lac Baleng Bamenda

This splendid area has several tourist attractions. One can admire magnificent lakes such as Lake Awing which is located almost 7 km from Bamenda and which originates from a crater, Lake Oku which is also a crater lake from the Mount Oku, Lake Wum which is located In the town of Wum and the famous Lake Nyos in the Fungom district, just to name a few. You will have the opportunity to discover this region and appreciate its beauties.


Chutes du Cameroun

The area is also rich in stunning waterfalls. One can admire the Menchum Falls which are located between Bamenda and Wum, the Abbi Falls which are located in the town of Mbengwi and the Falls from Womenga which covers a cave.

Other Tourist Attractions 

Le paysage extraordinaire du Cameroun

In addition to the breathtaking scenery, lakes and falls, the area offers many other attractions. There are traditional chiefdoms such as the Bali Chiefdom, located about 20 km from Bamenda, a town with a museum that can be visited and which tells the history of this population; The Bafut chiefdom, which is located in the Bafut district about 16 km from Bamenda and has both traditional and colonial architecture. There are also nature reserves such as the Kilum Mountain Forest Project which is located in Kilum and it is rich in animal and plant species, the Kimbi Game Reserve, which is located around Lake Nyos and is full of several rare animals and plants species. Handicraft is very popular in the region. One can observe, the Bamenda Prescraft Shop, which is an exhibition room for art objects, the Bamenda Craft Center, the Prespot Messing Center, which is specialized in pottery and many more. Our guides will show you around this beautiful area.