Dschang Attractions

Dschang au Cameroun

The city of Dschang was discovered on a German military mission.in 1895 by the German officer Zingraft. The Germans named the city Dschang” meaning “land of idle talk”. It is, after Bafoussamm, the second largest city in the West Region. It is 56.55 km², and the town is only 46 km away from the regional capital Bafoussam. The picturesque hills and valleys are outstanding, with an average altitude of 1,400 m. The city of Dschang has a constant equatorial climate with a rainy season from mid-March to mid-November and a dry season from mid-November to mid-March.

Civilizations Museum 

Musee des civilisations

The Civilization Museum that opened in 2010 is a collaboration between the cities of Nantes and Dschang. The exhibits tell the story of Cameroon and the region. This museum covers an area of 1000 m² and is divided into several themes, history, slavery, colonization, and cultures.

Dschang Climate Centre

Centre climatique de Dschang

The Climate Centre was built in 1940, it has a beautiful park with bungalows and apartments designed to welcome visitors are scattered around the park. Located away from the city center, it is conducive to calm and rest. This area offers a great view of Dschang and its surroundings and is suitable for hiking, excursions, and picnics.

Dschang Market 

Marché de Dschang

The French had the natives build the Market in their traditional architecture. It is a home to many artisans gives who come every day to show and sell their art and share their expertise. Traditional food is also sold in the market. The dishes offered are a treat for the eyes, nose and the taste buds.

Other Tourist Attractions

In addition to the Climate Centre, the Civilization Museum and the Dschang market, this wonderful city offers many other tourist attractions. The Mamy Wata Falls, the traditional Bafou, Fongo-Tongo and Foréké, chiefdoms, the arts center and many more. Our guides will show you around this beautiful city and its surroundings.