Ngaoundere Attractions and its surrounding areas

Mosquee-de-Ngaoundere au Cameroun

Located in the Adamaoua region of Cameroon, especially in the Vina district, Ngaoundéré is the capital of the Adamaoua region. Ngaoundere is organized around traditional chiefdoms called “Lamidat” and at the head of a Lamidat is a Lamido who is the traditional and spiritual leader of the community. Ngaoundéré was established as an urban community in 2008 and it is an important crossroads of regional trade between South, North and Far North regions. The climate is temperate and is divided into two seasons: a dry season and a rainy season. The dry season is marked by a dry wind coming from the north and the rainy season is marked by sometimes violent and discontinuous rains.

Ngaoundere: Lakes and Falls

Chutes de la Vina Ngoundere au Cameroun

This splendid region has several tourist attractions. One can admire beautiful crater lakes such as Lake Ballang which is located about 28 km from Ngaoundere, Lake Tison, which is a small crater lake surrounded by trees, its suitable for relaxation and the water change his color throughout the day. There are also magnificent waterfalls such as the Vina Falls (height 40 m) which are located about 15 km from Ngaoundere. They are spectacular with a shape of an arc of a circle. The picturesque Lancrenon Falls (height 50 m), are located near the border with the CAR (Central African Republic) and the splendid Koudini Falls (height 40 m).

Other Tourist Attractions

Les Grotte du Cameroun

In addition to the stunning landscape, lakes, and waterfalls, the area offers many more attractions. There are beautiful mountains, such as Mount Ngaoundere, Mount Ngan-Ha which is a sanctuary for the people of the region and Mount Djoumbal which offers a panoramic view of the city of Banyo. Our guides will take care of you around this wonderful area and show you the beautiful sights.