Kribi attractions and its surrounding areas

Ville de Kribi au Cameroun

Kribi, a coastal town on the Gulf of Guinea about 150 km from Douala, has about 70,000 inhabitants and is a strategic maritime golf. Located in southern Cameroon, Kribi and its beautiful golden beaches which rival those of South Sea and the Caribbean. Kribi is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to spend a holiday in Cameroon. The beautiful Lobe waterfalls are just 7 km from the town. Palm trees and sun await you.

Kribi Seaside tourism

Visit Pygmies encampments

Pygmées du Cameroun

You will also have the opportunity to visit the fascinating population of Pygmies who live a few kilometers from the fall of the Lobe and Kribi. In Cameroon, there are pygmies in the Center, in the South, and in the eastern regions of Cameroon. These are forest dwellers who are generally small, about 1.50 m and feed mainly on hunting and fishing. Pygmies are characterized by their ancient rites, traditions, mesmerizing songs, their magic dances, traditional medicine and their hunting methods uncommon.

Lobe waterfalls

Les chutes de la lobe au Cameroun

Located in the southern region, about 7 km from the city of Kribi, the magnificent Lobe waterfalls have the distinction of flowing directly into the Atlantic Ocean. Culminating at 20 m in height and with a width of 100 m, they are surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches and the ocean seduces with solar rays that unfurl on the sand and rocks while leaving an extraordinary landscape in the heart of the equatorial forest. It would be unimaginable to leave the place without tasting the wonders of the region. Good shrimp dishes accompanied by plantain fries or potato fries and many other mouth-watering dishes are awaiting you.


Located in the southern region near the town of Kribi, Ebodje has large sandy beaches where several species of sea turtles come to nest every year. In 2006 the Cameroonian government and CERECOMA (specialized centre of research on marine ecosystems) started a project for the protection of sea turtles.

Campo Ma'an National Park

Gorilles des parcs camerounais

The Campo Ma’an National Park is a forest reserve located in the South region, about 150 kilometres from the city of Kribi, it was created in 1932 as a wildlife reserve and became a national park in 1980. It covers an area of 264,000 ha and is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Located in the region Pygmy, it is characterized by a dense tropical forest and is home to elephants, hippos, giant pangolins, primates and many others.

Other Tourist Attractions

Ocean atlantique

 In addition to Kribi and its surroundings, the southern region is full of many other important sights such as waterfalls, caves and river. Sports fishing is popular in the region and fishing competitions are regularly organized for amateurs.

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