Let's go for the conquest of three touristic regions in Africa in miniature; Cameroon

16 days and 15 nights of the discovery of Ecotourism Cameroon (nature), cultural Cameroon (traditions and chiefdoms) and Coastal resort Cameroon (beaches and waterfalls)

Jardin Botanique de Limbe au Cameroun
Famille d'elephants au Cameroun

This pleasant circuit will take you to the depths of Cameroon. The country of famous footballers such as Samuel Eto’o and Rogers Milla. Also known as “Africa in miniature”, Cameroon is perhaps a tourist destination that must not jump your mind when you are planning a trip to Africa or the world at large. She is gifted with diverse socio-cultural, ethnographic, ecological, geographical and anthropological endowments, briefly, a little of everything you want to discover on the African continent, that has rewarded her the appellation of “All of Africa in one country. You will have the opportunity to visit three tourist regions of Cameroon namely, Coastal Cameroon, Cultural Cameroon and Ecotouristic Cameroon, with a strong possibility to practice all the different forms of tourism within a given tourist zone.

Cameroon has more than 400 km of coastline consisting of beaches equipped with volcanic black soil (Limbe) and golden-grey sand (Kribi) which you will discover. In the Grassfield region, also known as the cultural capital of Cameroon, you will discover the diversity of its chiefdoms, traditions, works of art, folklore, tales, dances, modern and ancient museums as well as breath-taking landscapes, and sacred places. The forested or ecotouristic Cameroon is a domain that is conducive to the practice of ecotourism.

Here you will have the opportunity to uncover the Pygmy population, who are the oldest inhabitants of the African forests. These are a people with a particular and authentic civilization that have hitherto remained sheltered from modernity and live in perfect symbiosis with nature, where they derive almost all of their resources. The Pygmies are generally small people of about 1.50 m tall and are distinguished by their ancient rites, traditions, evocative songs, magical initiation dances, traditional medicines and unusual hunting methods. You can laze and stroll on the beaches, visit the sea turtles in Ebodje, and unravel the primates at the Mefou National Park. The Ebogo ecotourism site, as well as Bimbia ecotourism village are also at the rendezvous. At the end of the trip, you shall be able to affirm as others that have followed the same trajectory as you that no single country can conveniently offer such seductions and attractions as the ‘River of Prawn’ thus meriting the appellation of “all of Africa in one country”


La nouvelle liberte à douala

Day 1: Douala International Airport or Nsimalen - The hotel (18 km or 22 km)

Arrival of visitors by flight at the Douala International Airport or Nsimalen International Airport, welcome by our competent and professional manager, transfer to the hotel, reception dinner and overnight.


Jardin Botanique de Limbe

Day 2: Douala -Limbe (76,4 km)

Early morning breakfast, departure for Limbe and visit of the Limbe Botanic Garden which was created by the Germans in 1892 and the Limbe Zoological Park, which was created in 1993 as a cooperation project between the Cameroonian government and the NGO Pandrillus Foundation. Lunch at Down-Beach of braised fresh fish and chicken, thereafter, Limbe city tour, dinner and overnight.


Bimbia au Cameroun

Day 3: Limbe - Bimbia - Limbe (30 km)

Departure after breakfast to visit Bimbia, located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean not far from Limbe. It is an old slave trade station discovered in 1987 that still bears slave trade traces such as padlocks, chains and many other tools used by the slave masters. Visit to Dikolo, a fishing village with a unique fish smoking preservation technique. return to Limbe, lunch, and relaxation along the beach of the Atlantic Beach Hotel, free evening and overnight


Le mont Cameroun

Day 4: Limbe - Bakingili - Idenau - Limbe (80 km)

Early in the morning after breakfast, we will discover Bakingili. Bakingili is a pretty small village located about 20 km from Limbe with beautiful dry lava flows resulting from the Mount Cameroon eruption in 1999. The sandy beaches stretched as far as the eye can see and have nothing to envy to those of the Caribbean. The ocean seduces with solar rays that unfurl over the sand and rocks while leaving an extraordinary landscape. Departure to Seme Beach Hotel for a break and lunch before heading back to Idenau with a stopover at Debuncha to discover the

Nachtigal Falls and the German Light House. Continuation to Idenau and discovery of the city with its regional port and beautiful beaches. You will also have the opportunity to ride in a motorized canoe to better appreciate the beauty of this locality. Return to Limbe, dinner, and overnigh

Manengouba Mountains

Les monts manengouba

Day 5: Limbe - Buea - Nkongsamba - Melong (186 km)

Breakfast and departure for Melong through Buea and Nkongsamba. Arrival in Nkongsamba, discovery of the magnificent Manengouba Mountains. They are located a few kilometers from Nkongsamba and offer very interesting hiking opportunities. Once on the top (alt. 2.411 m), you will be captivated by the Male Lake and the Female Lake. The Female Lake with blue waters is in the shape of an upside-down map of the African Continent and the Male Lake with green waters lies between two walls of stone. Lunch and continuation to Melong. Arrival at Melong, check-in at the 

hotel, dinner, and overnight.

Ekom-Nkam Waterfalls

Les chutes-d'Ekom-Nkam

Day 6: Melong (Ekom Nkam Falls) - Dschang (49.8 km)

Breakfast, departure from Melong to visit the Ekom Nkam Falls. This beautiful and majestic waterfall in the heart of a dense and luxurious vegetation resulted from the Nkam River and is 80 meters high. It is renowned internationally for being the filming location for several films such as Greystoke, The Legend of Tarzan, the Lord of the Apes and many others. Return to Melong, lunch, and continuation to Dschang. Arrival at Dschang, check-in at the hotel, dinner, and overnight.


Traditions bamileke

Day 7: Dschang - Bafoussam (52.6 km)

Breakfast, visit of the Dschang Climatic Centre, the civilizations museum, the Dschang market, and then lunch and departure for Bafoussam. On the way, you will admire the small villages built along the trajectory. Arrival in the evening in Bafoussam, check-in at the hotel, dinner, and overnight.


Le palais de Foumban

Day 8: Bafoussam - Foumban - Bafoussam (140 km)

Breakfast and departure for Foumban. Arrival in Foumban, visit of the magnificent Sultan Njoya’s Palace and its Museum. This museum tells the story of the kings of the Bamoun dynasty. The palace is today classified as a UNESCO World Heritage. Lunch and visit of the craft centre and the Art Museum. The Art Museum has nearly 3,000 works of art and historical pieces, some older than 600 years, which tell the story of one of the oldest Africa kingdoms. Back to Bafoussam, dinner, and overnight.


Chefferie Badjoun au Cameroun

Day 9: Bafoussam - Bandjoun - Baham - Batoufam - Bandjoun (150 km)

Breakfast and departure for Bandjoun, visit of the biggest Kingdom of the West Region of Cameroon. It is three centuries old and it has nearly 200,000 members. Lunch at the Bandjoun Climatic Centre and departure for Baham and Batoufam. Visit of the most beautiful Kingdoms of the Bamileke countries and discovery of a rich, colourful and unparalleled culture. Back in the evening at the Bandjoun Climate Centre, dinner and overnight.


Monument de la Reunification du Cameroun

Day 10: Bandjoun - Yaoundé (274 km)

Breakfast and departure for Yaounde. Stopover at Makenene for lunch. Arrival in Yaounde, check-in at a hotel, dinner at a local restaurant, exploration of Yaounde by night and visit of some city hot spots such as “le Bunker Cultural Complex”, Cabaret “Bois d’Ebene”, the “Carrefour Intendance” and some nightclubs. Return to the hotel and overnight.

Mefou National Park

Le parc national de la Mefou

Day 11: Yaounde - Mefou - Ebogo - Yaoundé (121.3 km)

Breakfast and departure for a guided tour to the Mefou National Park. The Mefou National Park is located about an hour drive from Yaounde. This park is a sanctuary for chimpanzees, gorillas, baboons and many more primates living in this protected semi-natural environment. Continuation to Ebogo and visit of the ecological site. Canoe trip on the Nyong River. Safari photos and watching of butterflies. Braised fish and fresh palm wine for lunch await you. Return to Yaounde, dinner, and overnight.

Africa in miniature 


Day 12: Yaounde City Tour

Breakfast and departure for the discovery of Yaounde. Also known as “the city of seven hills” Yaounde was founded in 1889 by the German officer and explorer Richard Kund. Yaounde played an important role in the occupation of Cameroon by the German colonial forces. Yaounde became in 1922 the French colonial capital. Visit of some city attractions such as, monuments, museums, markets, zoos and lunch at the “Bois St. Anastasie” Restaurant. Return in the evening to the hotel, dinner, discovery of Yaounde by night and overnight.

Lobe Waterfalls

Les chutes de la Lobe au cameroun

Day 13: Yaounde - Kribi - Lobe - Kribi (288 km)

Breakfast and departure to the Lobe Falls. The Lobe Falls offers a unique spectacle to the world, as its waters flow directly into the Atlantic Ocean. You can take a canoe ride to permit you better contemplate the beauties of the falls and appreciate the steaming noise that results from the blasting of the waters upon the rocks. Stroll and tasting of fresh shrimp with fried Irish potatoes or plantains. Return to Kribi; check-in at hotel, dinner, and overnight.


Tortues marine Ebodje

Day 14: Kribi - Ebodje (52 km)

Breakfast and departure for Ebodje, located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean not far from Kribi. Ebodje is endowed with large beaches of fine grey and golden sand where several species of sea turtles come to lay their eggs. A cooperation project for the protection of sea turtles was launched in 2006. Ebodje is an ecotourism paradise in Cameroon. Lunch and visit of the village, the sea turtle museum, canoe trip on the Atlantic Ocean and swimming. Back to the Ecolodge, dinner, animation by a dance group and free evening.

Pygmies encampments 

Pygmées au Cameroun

Day 15: Ebodje - Grand Batanga - Kribi (200 km)

Early morning, breakfast and departure for the discovery of the Grand Batanga people. Welcoming people with unique beaches and a culture that is dominated by the sea. You will also have the opportunity to visit the fascinating population of the pygmies living a few kilometers from Ebodje. The pygmies are the inhabitants of the forest who are generally small, about 1.50 m, and who feed mainly on hunting and fishing. They derive almost all of their resources from the forest. Lunch and return to Kribi. Arrival at Kribi, dinner and overnight.


Palais-de-justice de Douala

Day 16: Kribi - Douala (170 km)

Breakfast and departure for Douala. Arrival in Douala and discovery of Douala’s attractions. Visit Kings Bell palace. Also called “Pagoda”, it was built in 1905 and it hosted the King Bell dynasty. Visit King Akwa palace which contains monuments which represent all the regions of Cameroon. Lunch and visit of the Douala courthouse, which was built in 1931 and many other attractions. Goodbye dinner, debriefing, transfer to the airport and end of the circuit.

Price: 2 206 € / pers. (4 pax)
Price: 3 117 € / pers. (2 pax)

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This tour includes:

► Reception and escort by a professional, bilingual and certified national tourist guide.

► Transport in a four-wheel drive air-conditioned vehicle from reception all through the circuit.

► Accommodation in air-conditioned rooms and in a climatic centre.

► Full board meals.

► Entrance fees into the attractions.

► Toll fees.

► Guided tours of all the sites and attractions indicated in the program.

► Professional driver.

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► International flight fees (Roundtrip).

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► Costs related to travel insurance.

► Additional expenses of the tourist such as the purchase of souvenirs.

► Alcoholic drinks such as liqueurs, wines, and whiskeys.

► Tips and gifts (freewill gestures).

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► The exact dates of visit (date of arrival and date of return).

► Flights and airports of arrival (Douala or Yaoundé-Nsimalen) .

► Group or tourist’s interests to permit tailored modifications of the tour.

► Names and information of visitors for bookings.

► Food exigencies; diabetes, vegetarian etc.

NB : This program can be modified by demand to suit the expectations of the tourist(s).

Map of the Region