Let's go discover the Kingdoms and traditions of the Highlands of the Cameroonian Cultural Capital

09 days and 08 nights of scrutinizing the history of chieftaincies and traditions of the Bamileke and Bamoun peoples through their architectures, work of arts, folklore, tales, and nature

Danse traditionnelle Bamileke
Chefferie Badjoun au Cameroun

This tour will permit you to discover the “Cultural Capital” of Cameroon, the West Region, and the mysteries surrounding the Bamileke Chiefdoms and the Bamoun Sultanate. You will certainly have the opportunity to salute the “Fô’o”, the king who governs the people and you will be able to contemplate the magnificent landscapes, the mysterious lakes, and waterfalls. You will appreciate the ecotourism potential of this wonderful region. You will observe sacred lakes (lake-Baleng), forests (Foreke-Dschang and Santchou), waterfalls (Chehandzo, Metche, Mamy Wata and Ekom-Kam), caves (Hynas, Ndemvoh, Ndenekansan and Fovu), sacred places (Poumougne and Bunker), as well as powerful old traditional chiefdoms (Bafoussam, Batoufam, Baham and Bandjoun) and works of art. 

You will also visit the sumptuous Foumban royal palace of Bamoun built by King Njoya between 1918-1922. Before colonization, the Bamoum and Bamileke kingdoms were sovereign micro-states. Although today included in the state of Cameroon, they remain alive and enriched with an exceptional culture and heritage. It is difficult to imagine a trip to Cameroon without a visit to the West Region, a crossroad of cultural wealth, artifacts, ecological diversity, kingdoms, and museums.


Basilique de Volyé

Day 1: Nsimalen International Airport - The hotel (22 km)

Arrival of visitors by flight at the Nsimalen international airport, welcome by our competent and professional tour manager, transfer to the hotel, reception dinner and overnight.


Chefferie Bangoulap

Day 02: Yaoundé - Bangoulap - Bangangte - Bandjoun (339 km)

Early morning breakfast and departure for the discovery of the western highlands, a preeminent region for culture and tradition in Cameroon in particular and Africa at large. We will stop at Makenene for tasting grilled beef. Arrival at Bangoulap and visit of the Pearl Making Centre of Jean Félicien Gacha. You will appreciate the agility of the artisans of this centre. Continuation of the trip to Bangangte. Bagangte means in the local language “those who refuse the domination

of others”. City tour and discovery of some attractions, lunch, and drive to Batoufam. Once in Batoufam, visit the chiefdom and the former palace located in Lekwa. The Royal Palace of Batoufam is one of the most beautiful in the Bamileke country. Guided tour to the Vevet waterfalls situated at Ketsok. This visit will help you better understand the benefits of purification among the Batoufam people in particular and the Bamileke in general. Departure for Bandjoun, arrival at Bandjoun, installation at the Climatic Centre, dinner and overnight.


Chefferie Badjoun au Cameroun

Day 03: Bandjoun - Baham - Bafoussam (14.8 km) 

Breakfast and departure for Baham and visit of the Kingdom. Guided tour to the Bunker natural site which is a forest reserve endowed with medicinal plants. Visit the caves of Fovu and Hiala and return to Bandjoun, lunch and guided tour of one of the largest chiefdoms of the West Region. The Bandjoun Kingdom is three centuries old and has nearly 200,000 members; it was founded by Prince Notchwegom of Baleng. Visit the museum and the contemporary art centre. 

This Kingdom is one of the main African centres of artistic creations and traditions. Visit the sacred places of Poumougne, Chechio and Toko, and departure for Bafoussam. Arrival at Bafoussam, check-in at a hotel, dinner, and overnight.


Traditions bamileke

Day 04: Bafoussam - Baleng - Foumban: (70 km)

After breakfast, we will go to the discovery of the Bafoussam Kingdom, its art museum and its Princess art gallery. Guided tour to the Métché falls, located between Bafoussam and Bamougoum, these magnificent falls culminate at a height of 50 m and is a place of pilgrimage and memory for the people of the region. Departure for Baleng and visit the Baleng Lake with its mysterious waters. Lunch and continuation to Foumban via Foumbot. Hiking on Mount Mbapit 

(altitude 1900 m) and discovery of its mythical crater lake. You will try for yourself to know if it is really impossible to throw stones in this Crater Lake because legends say that the stones thrown there never touch the water. Descent and continuation of the trip to Foumban. Arrival at Foumban, check-in at a hotel and overnight.

Bamoun region

Le palais de Foumban

Day 05: Foumban - Dschang (122 km)

Early morning breakfast, and departure for the unveiling of the history of the Bamoun people. Guided tour of the Bamoun Royal Museum, which traces in its exhibition, the history of the sultans through the war and the power and the history of this magnificent people. If you visit this sumptuous palace on Friday, you might have the opportunity to meet the sultan (king) and his nobles and participate with him in the Friday prayers. Visit to the craft village which is located 1 km

from the city. It is the symbol of the expression of the artistic ingenuity of the Bamoun people. Lunch and departure for the Didango village, located some 5 km from the administrative centre of Koutaba, to visit the Bororo people, traditionally known for being a nomadic people who make seasonal trips in search of pasture for their livestock. Departure for Dschang, arrival, and installation at the Dschang Climatic Centre, dinner, free evening and overnight.


Centre climatique de Dschang

Days 06 & 07: Dschang

Early in the morning after breakfast, visit the Dschang Tourist Office (CTD) and the Mamy Wata falls These incredible falls are located in Fongo-Tongo, situated about 20 km away from Dschang. Lunch and guided tour of Djutitsa Tea plantations. Return to Dschang, visit the market and return to the CTD, dinner, free evening and night. Early in the morning after breakfast, guided tour through the Ndemvoh cave, the Foto Blacksmith factory, and departure for Melong. After crossing the fabulous Foréké cliff, stopover at Santchou to visit some plantations of cocoa and

coffee as well as the Santchou forest reserve.

Ekom-Nkam Waterfalls

Les chutes-d'Ekom-Nkam

Day 08: Dschang - Melong - Nkongsamba - Ekom Nkam - Nkongsamba (88.6 km)

Arrival in Melong, visit to the majestic Ekom-Nkam Falls. This beautiful and majestic waterfall is in the heart of a dense luxurious forest vegetation resulted from the Nkam River and are 80 meters high. Renown internationally as the scene of the shooting of several films such as Greystoke, The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes and many others. We will then leave to discover the Manengouba Mountains in Banguem not far from Nkongsamba. The Manengouba Mountains, 

offer very interesting hiking opportunities. Once on the top (alt. 2,411 m), you will be captivated by the Male Lake and the Female Lake. The Female Lake with blue waters is in the shape of an upside down drawn African Continent map and the Male Lake with green waters lies between two walls of stone. Not far from the Manengouba Mountains live the Bororo people, a transhumance nomadic farmers that we can also visit. Departure for Nkongsamba, check-in at hotel and overnight.

Manengouba Mountains

Les monts manengouba

Day 9: Nkongsamba - Douala - Yaounde (380 km)

Breakfast and departure from Nkongsamba for Douala. Arrival in Douala and shopping at the central market. Lunch, and departure for Yaoundé via Edea, Boumnyebe etc. Arrival in Yaoundé, fare ware dinner, debriefing, transfer to the Nsimalen international airport, and end of the circuit.

Price: 1 354 € / pers. (4 pax)
Price: 2 027 € / pers. (2 pax)

Included / Excluded

This tour includes:

► Reception and escort by a professional, bilingual and certified national tourist guide.

► Transport in a four-wheel drive air-conditioned vehicle from reception all through the circuit.

► Accommodation in air-conditioned rooms and climate centres.

► Full board meals

► Entrance fees into the attractions.

► Toll fees.

► Guided tours of all the sites and attractions indicated in the program.

► Professional driver.

This tour does not include:

► International flight fees (Roundtrip)

► Costs related to travel formalities such as visa and immigration charges

► Costs related to travel insurance

► Additional expenses of the tourist such as the purchase of souvenirs

► Alcoholic drinks such as liqueurs, wines, and whiskeys

► Tips and gifts (freewill gesture)

Please specify : 

► The exact dates (date of arrival and date of return).

► Flights and airports of arrival (Douala or Yaoundé-Nsimalen).

► Group or tourist’s interests to permit tailored modifications of the tour.

► Names and information of visitors for bookings.

► Food exigencies; diabetes, vegetarian etc.

NB : This program can be modified by demand to suit the expectations of the tourist(s).

Map of the region